Private Bike Tour

Private Bike Tours

Endless customization for groups large or small in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Let our team of experts create the curate the perfect itinerary for your day out on bikes.

Customizable tour length

Priced x request

Lightweight and comfortable bikes provided

Up to 65 people

Never miss anything with in-ear headsets

Turn a traditional bike tour into an unforgettable experience just for you. 

Private bike tours are perfect for groups small or large who want a more personalized service and custom itinerary beyond our regular Brooklyn and Manhattan tours. Let our in-house experts create a unique and memorable experience custom tailored to your interests. Explore off the beaten path stops like whiskey distilleries and breweries, beautiful neighborhoods and beaches and the best restaurants and bars!

Scroll down to explore our private tour options! 

Bike Tours for Foodies ... cause we all need to eat, right? 

If you're coming to NYC chances are you're stuffing your face with excellent food (we're not judging). From the amazing bagels to pizza, even cookies and craft beer, NYC has something delicious to offer to even the most strict dietary restrictions. Book your Foodie Bike Tour and let us take you on a culinary journey while we burn carbs biking. 

Stops on this tour may include: 

  • Award winning bakeries, pastry shops and bagel stores 
  • Artisan coffee roasters, tea houses and chocolate factories 
  • Craft breweries, local distilleries and rooftop vineyards
  • Rooftop farms, pizzerias and taco joints

Looking for something in particular? Let us know, we'll happily craft (ha see what we did there?!) up a custom route for you. 

Bike tours for families with kids and adults who think they're kids. 

These bike tours are all about enjoying the simple pleasure of riding a bike on a beautiful day while making sure the little ones are entertained. We keep the riding exclusively on bike lanes to keep the group safe and include stops at foodie destinations (since we know kids love to eat) like: 

  • Chocolate Factories and tortilla factories
  • Pizzerias, bakeries and ice cream parlors
  • Rooftop farms and urban farms in shipping containers!

We can even turn your lunch stop into a picnic and bring all the supplies! We'll pick the best shops in the area to pick up goodies for our ride. 

Go where the creatives, artists and musicians go  

If the sound of gritty, industrial pockets of art, music and culture in New York City is what you gets you excited, let us "craft" the ultimate off-the-beaten-path bike tour experience for you. We'll explore rapidly changing neighborhoods with ethic ties and hipster trends while stopping to enjoy sites and stops like: 

  • Raw chocolate factories, coffee roasters and bakeries 
  • Charming boutiques and vintage clothing stores 
  • Organic farms on roofs and in shipping containers
  • Pizzerias and tortilla factories making the BEST Mexican food you've had 
  • Graffiti, murals and artist studio spaces 

Looking for something in particular or have a dietary restriction? Let us know, we'll happily craft (ha see what we did there?!) up a custom route for you. 

Bike tours for night owls, winos and craft beer enthusiasts

Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and enjoy cooler temperatures as we cruise during the early evening enjoying waterfront vistas of Manhattan (unless we're in Brooklyn) and make stops at local nightlife hotspots. Perfect for folks looking to get social, bachelor or bachelorette groups or guests simply looking to experience the buzzing nightlife. Stops may include:

  • artisan whiskey distilleries and
  • breweries and rooftop vineyards 
  • sunset views of NYC along waterfront parks
  • food, so much food 

Have something in particular you want to see? Let us know and we'll put it together! 

Biking + Picnic = Best Day Ever!

We'll take the hassle out of planning a fun picnic and take you on a tour sampling the best in artisan cheeses, wine, locally baked bread and charcuterie in North Brooklyn. We'll bring all the gear, including the picnic blanket and cutlery you'll need to enjoy the day, you just bring the good vibes. Stops may include:

  • Artisan chocolate factory 
  • local bread bakery 
  • hot sauce and condiment bar 
  • organic butcher shops who make their own charcuterie 
  • farmers market for fresh veggies and fruit

Did we mention we'll end it all on a scenic waterfront park with EPIC views of the skyline? You can thank us later. 

Bike Tours with a healthy focus, yoga and meditation anyone? 

If your idea of a good time is getting up early to seize the day then join us for a bike tour with a healthy focus! We'll take you all over NYC, enjoying stunning waterfront parks and healthy food stops. Our resident yogi will lead you on a guided meditation and end the tour with yoga to stretch those tired legs. Stops may include: 

  • foodie destinations with a healthy focus like smoothies, veggies and avocado bars! 
  • guided meditation and yoga session at beautiful parks and off the beaten path destinations around the city

Ride to the beach with a Bike Tour to Coney Island or the Far Rockaways ... 

One of the best things about NYC is the fact that we have so much coastline to enjoy the sun and ocean. Coney Island and the Far Rockaways are two of NYC's best beaches for enjoying the surf. Let us take you on a bike ride with stops that may include:

  • Craft breweries and artisan coffee roasters 
  • Rollercoaster rides on Brooklyn's famous "Cyclone" roller coaster (we can even get unlimited passes on rides)
  • Foodie markets along the boardwalk 
  • old Dutch Farmhouses dating back to the 1700s

More Details

  • Pricing for the tours are based on the group size and length of the tour. Pricing for 2 people at 4 hours starts at $350 and goes up from there. 
  • Tours can be booked all-inclusively if requested. 
  • Tours can be routed to suit even the most novice riders with varying levels of fitness. 
  • Private tours should be requested AS FAR IN ADVANCE as possible, we also run regularly scheduled tours. 
  • Tours can accomodate small children. We have kids mountain bikes, child seats and tag-a-long bikes.
  • Gratuities not included. Please consider tipping your guide

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