Private Bike Tours

Private tours are perfect for groups large or small who want a more personalized itinerary, or families with young children.  We’ll adapt our Brooklyn or Manhattan route to suit your needs.

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Up to 4 hours long

Priced x request | $400 minimum

Come with lightweight and comfortable bikes

Max of 12 people

Come with in-ear headset option 


Over the years we've come up with some pretty amazing bike tours! These are a few of our favorites.

Public Made Private  

Our public tours are rated #1 in NYC for a reason: They're the best!
Want to take one of our regularly scheduled tours, just you and your friends? No problem! Get an intimate look at the neighborhoods that make New York City unique, with stops along the way for food and drink.  Book a private Brooklyn WaterfrontLower Manhattan, or Central Park Tour and get ready to feel the wind in your hair. 


Brooklyn Waterfront Lower Manhattan  Central Park

Artistic and Artisan

Food and Music, Art and Culture, the Get Up and Ride way!
If gritty, post-industrial pockets of art, music, and culture are what spin your wheels, let us craft the ultimate off-the-beaten-path experience for you. We'll venture deeper into the artistic nabes of Brooklyn and Manhattan to highlight the street-art scene, see where the artists and musicians live, and check out one-of-a-kind culinary delights.

North Brooklyn Lower Manhattan

Family Friendly Fun!

Keeping it safe and simple for everyone.
Enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike on a beautiful day--and keep the little ones entertained!--on our family-friendly bike tours. We'll keep the pace mellow, stick almost exclusively to bike lanes, and keep the ride to a length that works for everyone in your family, from 8 to 80.  With stops at foodie destinations to break up the cycling, there's sure to be something for everyone. 

Distilleries, Vineyards and Breweries

A tour-de-force of Brooklyn's movers, shakers, and cocktail-makers!
Need an excuse to celebrate? Neither do we!  So why not take a tour highlighting local makers of whiskey, beer, and wine? Kicking off in Williamsburg and making our way South towards Red Hook, you'll sample Brooklyn's best libations, catch a killer view of the Statue of Liberty, and visit the first whiskey distillery to open in NYC since Prohibition.  Oh, and there's pizza too--because we are professionals.

Brooklyn Waterfront

Custom Bike Tour

Blaze your own trail.

Are you a free spirit?  Do your interests go beyond our usual fare? Hit us up with your big idea! Chances are you're not the first to make a special request (but if you are, we're totally pretending we thought of it first!). 

More Details 

  • Pricing is based on the length of the tour and the number of participants. We charge a minimum of $400 for a tour up to 4 hours.
  • Request a quote and we'll send you an overview of the itinerary and a link to book online. Once booked you'll be emailed a confirmation with details on where to be and what time to be there!
  • No itinerary is set in stone. Frequent stops or long periods of time at any given location mean we may not end up seeing everything we originally planned. Tours are booked for a specific length of time--when the time runs out, the tour is over.
  • We operate out of multiple locations. You'll be emailed a confirmation with details on where to go for your tour, so make sure you head to the right location!
  • The tour price includes bike, helmet, and a walkie-talkie w/ headset for each participant, but doesn’t include any food or drinks at tour stops. In addition, gratuities are not included, so please consider tipping your guide if you enjoyed the ride. 
  • We are happy to accommodate all fitness and skill levels.  Please let us know in advance if you have any concerns about fitness or riding in/near traffic.
  • For kids, we have small mountain bikes, tag-a-long bikes, and infant seats.

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