Manhattan Bike Tour

Lower Manhattan Bike Tour

Greenwich Village.  The Lower East Side.  Chinatown.  Explore the neighborhoods where NYC began with our Lower Manhattan bike tour.

Let's face it:  When you think of New York City, you think of Manhattan.  Get a local's-eye-view of all the sights you've been dying to see, with plenty of surprises along the way!

4 hours (2.5 hours of biking + 1.5 hours at various stops)

$79 x person

Lightweight and comfortable bikes

Max of 8 people

Never miss anything with in-ear headsets

Step One: Relax!

We know what you're thinking, but don't be intimidated by the slow traffic and cabs of Manhattan. Cycling in NYC is actually really easy, not to mention fun! Bike lanes abound as we cruise down streets where buses fear to tread.  

A photo around every corner.

Your Instagram feed won't know what hit it as we ride by iconic sights like Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, or pause for the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge in all of Manhattan along the East River Greenway.  Snap away!  You can never have too many pictures... right?

It's true, New Yorkers drink a LOT of coffee.

Which means a visit to an intimate coffee shop--consistently rated as one of NYC's best--which also happens to be inside an old bookstore frequented by famous writers and poets.  Pro tip:  Order a Dirty Chai.  You'll thank us later.

You want it, Lower Manhattan's got it.

There's a reason they call New York City a "melting pot."  From Chinatown to the Lower East Side, Little Italy to the West Village, Lower Manhattan is full of unique neighborhoods each with it's own character, and we ride through them all! 

There's more to New York than just pizza...

...But if that's what you're after, we've got you covered!  We like to switch up the lunch stop depending on what our groups are into.  No matter the craving, we'll find a uniquely New York spot to sate it!

Make is personal. 

The reason our tours are so popular is simple: our guides are cool people (actors, musicians, film-makers, and yogis) that you'll actually want to spend time with.  Not only do they have all the info on where you're going and what you'll see, they've all got their own stories to make the experience truly personal.  Can a guidebook tell you where it almost ran over John Malkovich?  We didn't think so.

our route

More Details

  • Sign up online and you'll be emailed a confirmation with all the details you need to get to our shop and be ready to ride! Advance Tickets are required.
  • Guests will be emailed a confirmation with details on where and when to be on the tour. Our Manhattan Tours start from the lobby of the Manhattan Mini Storage at 645 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036. Closest subway station is Port Authority on the A,C and E. Watch this video for walking directions from the subway. 
  • Guest should arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before the tour start time. Just like a plane departs at a certain time, so do we! If you show up late chances are we'll already be gone which means you'll lose your booking and won't receive a refund. Early bird gets the worm! 
  • Where we go and what we see changes depending on the day and our guests' interests. We like to keep it fresh so stops and general itinerary of the tour are not 100% guaranteed. Issues like flat tires, weather and group pace can also affect how much we're able to see on any given ride. Tours are for a set period of time, 4 to 4.5 hours generally. 
  • Tour price includes bike, helmet and walkie talkie w/ headset but doesn’t include any food or drinks at tour stops. Plan for about $20 for light snacks along the way. Also gratuities are not included, please consider tipping your guide if you enjoyed the ride. 
  • Fitness level is light for this tour. We cover approximately 12 miles in 5 hours, but on flat terrain and very few slight hills. Traffic can be moderate but slow. We ride almost exclusively on bike lanes. 
  • Minimum age requirement for this tour is 13 years old but we can still hook you up with a private tour if you're looking to ride with younger kids. 

GET UP AND RIDE, 330 South 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY, 11211